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Wang Yong, Director of SASASAC, supervises the work of safety and environmental protection in the Group Company

Wang Yong, Director of SASASAC, supervises the work of safety and environmental protection in the Group Company

On June 19, Wang Yong, secretary and director of the Party Committee of the State-owned Assets Management Commission of Guizhou Province, led a team to Wengfu Group to supervise the work safety, the "Safety Production Month" activities and the ecological environment protection. In affirming the safety and environmental protection achievements of Weng Fumachangping Industrial Park, he stressed that safety and environmental protection are always on the road. We should always maintain the highest political position, deepen the ideological understanding of the great and far-reaching significance of the integration and reorganization of "two phosphorus" enterprises made by provincial Party committees and provincial governments, continue to take the lead in putting safety development in a more prominent position, firmly establish a security line to ensure high-quality transformation and development in an extremely responsible spirit, and strive to create new experiences, show new achievements and make new contributions in green development. The new achievements of security, stability and ecological civilization construction greet the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China.


Accompanied by the Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee, general manager Yang Sanke and assistant general manager Zhang Sheng of the group company, Wang Yong and his delegation went deep into the areas of Fangcave, phosphogypsum raw material storage yard, dispatching room, anhydrous hydrogen fluoride, paper gypsum board and so on in Wengfu Machangping Industrial Park, and understood in detail the water quality of the water treatment project of the park pollution prevention and control by means of "inspection, observation, listening and inquiry". On-line monitoring system, intelligent management and control of dangerous chemicals, safe and environmental storage of phosphogypsum and comprehensive utilization of resources, etc.


Wang Yong affirmed the phased effect of Weng Fu's great efforts in implementing the new requirements of safety and environmental protection. He said that the front-line advocates safe production, civilized production and ecological environment protection with a strong atmosphere, standardized management and well-ordered; through technological innovation, the focus of the industry enterprises'phosphogypsum slag yard safety storage difficulties has been transformed into competitive advantages; the development achievements of paper gypsum have explored an effective way for the utilization of phosphogypsum resources; and the "three wastes" resource-based value has been formed. The unique cost advantages and competitiveness of the park have led to a path of complementary and complementary development of security, green and economic development.

Wang Yong pointed out that security work has only a starting point, no end, always on the road. This year, serious and extraordinary accidents occurred in many parts of the country, especially the "3.21" explosion accident in Xiangshui, which once again sounded an alarm bell for us. The string of safe production can not be relaxed for a moment. At present, the summertime high temperature, flood season and other climatic factors which are not conducive to safe production are superimposed, and accidents are easily induced. During the critical period of the "two phosphorus" integration and reorganization, we must keep a clear mind and play a good role; we must continue to study and implement the important instructions of General Secretary Xi Jinping on safety production, stand at the height of strengthening the "four consciousness", "four self-confidence" and "two maintenance", and build up the concept of "hidden danger is an accident", from the perspective of safety. We should tighten and tighten the chord of safety production, make relevant work more detailed, adhere to problem orientation, strengthen work measures, and make great efforts to implement the decision-making and deployment of the Party Central Committee, the State Council and the provincial Party committees, the provincial government and the specific requirements of the provincial SASAC. We should carry out large-scale investigation and remediation of potential safety hazards, treat both symptoms and symptoms, resolutely prevent paralysis and slack mood, resolutely plug various loopholes, resolutely prevent and curb all kinds of production safety accidents, and make every effort to keep the situation of safe production stable.

In appreciating the new achievements and good practices of Machangping Industrial Park in winning the battle of pollution prevention and control, Wang Yong hoped that under the guidance of Xi Jinping's socialist ideology with Chinese characteristics in the new era, with a high degree of political consciousness, ideological consciousness and action consciousness, we would firmly place the construction of ecological civilization at the top of the list, and persevere in giving priority to ecology. Green development road, focus on key points, make up shortcomings, strengths and weaknesses, open the "last half kilometer", firmly adhere to the two bottom lines of development and ecology; around the phosphogypsum "slag fixed production" target task, continue to gather domestic and foreign resources, constantly solve the world governance problem of phosphogypsum, extend the industrial chain, improve the utilization rate of phosphorus resources and product added value, and maintain the green development and cycle of Wengfu. The distinct advantages of development and high-quality development make Wengfu consolidate the traditional development advantages, cultivate new momentum and increase innovation advantages as a model for other enterprises to learn and promote.

He who does not seek the overall situation is not enough to seek one area. Wang Yong also put forward new requirements and expectations on deepening understanding and responsibility for the integration and reorganization of "two phosphorus". (Wu Guangbing)